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About Me

Dogs have always been a part of my life. Growing up, whenever I would say the famous words “I’m bored”, my parents would reply, “Go outside and train your dog then.” My passion for teaching began there and has not stopped.

My Education…

Anything having to do with psychology and behavior interests me, whether it be within people or animals. I have an Associates of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor’s in Applied Behavior Analysis. While working for my associates I obtained a certification in dog obedience. I believe in continuous education so I attend multiple seminars every year to gain knowledge on helping people with their pups.

My Experience…

I did a lot of volunteer work at rescues by caring for the animals and training the dogs. I loved it so much that I opened my own rescue called Eager Tails Dog Rescue. Any dog that was surrendered to my rescue went through my training program before being eligible for adoption. I would even pull dogs from the shelters that were on the euthanasia list as I was their final chance. This created remarkable success for the dogs in their new homes. Sadly, life became busy with work and the arrival of our new baby. Due to this, I discontinued the rescue. I felt broken about it as time went on. In the meantime, I got my best friend Enzo, the handsome Belgian Malinois in the photo. The dog behind our logo. We constantly trained in obedience and bite work. He was my pride and joy; my buddy. Suddenly, he fell sick and passed away. He is the reason I chose to do dog training full time. Everything I do will be in his memory.

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