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I left my Oki boy with Taylor for about 3 weeks while I went on my honeymoon. Taylor was able to train him in a different language, perfect his obedience, work towards his canine good citizenship certification and start him on some basic service dog skills. She worked on his reactiveness towards things not normal to his world (horses, goats, chickens, sheep, ridding on a home-depot cart, etc..) When I finally got back, Oki had his same goofy personality, but he was totally respectful. So much so that the next day I was able to take him to see my grandmother who was taken to the hospital while I was gone. To say her spirits were lifted when she got to see him would be an understatement. 3 days later he was able to accompany me out to breakfast and to then to the airport to say goodbye to my husband who was being deployed. He got so many compliments while we were out because of how good he was and how focused he was staying. I’m so thankful Taylor was able to help Oki reach this level of being able to bring joy to other people. Literally she is beyond words - I can’t say thank you enough!


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Thank you again Taylor! I highly recommend Sound Mind K9 for any issue you may have with your dog. I have seen an amazing transformation in both my dogs (Mastiff x PitBulls). Before Taylor, Ziva was dog reactive, bolted any chance she could, and had some manners to work on. Zeus had similar issue’s, plus sensitivity and stress in his surroundings. Ziva and Zeus are now respectable and a pleasure to be around. We all now have a sound structure to work with, and it has resulted in some amazing new memories. “Rehabilitate the dog, train the owner”.

Ziva & Zeus


I have an aggressive dog that would lunge at people at the door and jump all over me. She was just a hand full and I was afraid she’d bite someone. I decided I needed to do something about it and called Taylor up. She got my dog following commands and now she has a cot that she knows is her “place.” She responds to down and sit. No longer lunges at strangers. She gave me tips and tricks to deal with the aggressive behavior when it occurs. Was incredibly impressed by her training and my dogs behavior when she was done with her. I was also able to train my Great Dane to “place” after she showed me how. Can’t give enough praise.


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Taylor has been a amazing help. Neo and Jasper are brothers and so that means we had two brand new puppies at the same time.  These boys are full of energy.  Everyone in the house was trying to teach them something, but the only thing that was consistent enough was they had to sit before they ate. After Taylor has worked with both of them they have been so much easier for everyone. They stay in place and are not dragging the kids around when being taken for walks anymore. They listen no matter who is talking to them as long as they are using the right commands. This has made it easier on everyone in our house. Thank you Taylor!

Jasper and Neo

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